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  The Tyre/Road Noise Group of Applied Acoustics started in the middle of the nineties and is lead by Prof. Wolfgang Kropp. The main focus of the research is the modelling of tyre/road interaction. The core of the contact modelling is the approach of a numerical contact model formulated in the time-domain that was presented by Kropp in his PhD-thesis in 1992. It is based on physical relations and covers easily the frequency range of importance (i.e. up to 4 kHz) with respect to computational cost. Kropp's approach has been extensively developed by the Tyre/Road Noise Group during the recent years. Today the group has a variety of models of different complexity available. Relatively simple and fast models as used in the hybrid approch (see below) as well as full 3D contact models taking into account normal and friction forces during rolling.
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