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  Road surfaces play a major role in road safety. This knowledge varies across the EU. In some EU countries where the importance of skidding resistance has been recognised there has been a rise in traffic safety records. The TYROSAFE project has the ambition to raise awareness and share knowledge of the importance and contribution of skidding resistance, suggest harmonised systems of comparing skidding resistance as well as identify interdependencies of skidding resistance with other important characteristics of road surfaces. This document describes the various activities that will be used to disseminate results obtained in the TYROSAFE project not only during the 24 month duration of the project but also after the end date – 30th June 2010. The strategy will be regularly assessed during the course of the project to check its effectiveness. The guidelines of this dissemination are based on the following principles; dissemination is basically “knowledge sharing” and bi-directional; liaisons with industrial; research and standardisation communities; developing a website which contains both a public part and a private part to be used only by the project partners; regular workshops and seminars, organised as parts of appropriate international or regional events in the area of road infrastructure; involving an expert group having an advisory and consulting role within the project; establishing a close collaboration with other projects e.g. through FEHRL’s Strategic; European Road Research Programme (SERRP) cluster; producing regular newsletters; and publishing project results in relevant scientific journals. This dissemination strategy will be updated during the project duration, in order to achieve the widest dissemination and awareness raising actions both within the communities of users targeted by the project and, more generally, towards the external environment.
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