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  Road safety is closely related to road skid-resistance: accident statistics show that low skid resistance leads to increased risk of accidents. Countries have developed skid policies for the monitoring of road networks and the acceptance of new works and the policies typically rely on specialised equipment to measure the key properties of skid resistance and texture depth. For the sake of simplicity, the output of the test devices is typically reduced to one descriptor for the property measured. For skid resistance, this is usually a measurement of friction under conditions specific to the particular device. However, this can obscure the influence of many factors involved in the tyre/road friction process during vehicle manoeuvres. The results from the measurements are used in various ways in different countries, sometimes as direct measurements, sometimes processed into some kind of index for comparison against standards where these have been set. There are no direct comparisons between skid-resistance indexes from one country to another, or even from device to device in the same country. Consequently, if a greater consistency of approach to the provision of skid resistance is to be encouraged across Europe, there is a need for a common scale against which comparisons between standards and the different types of measurement can be made.
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