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  This highway network is currently the most important part of the land transport infrastructure in the EU, and the proper upkeep of the stock of structures on the network is crucial to its efficient operation. Whilst considerable effort has in recent decades been put into the development of new standards and codes for the design of new structures, comparatively little has been done on the development of guidance documents covering the assessment of existing structures. This European Commission Action aims to redress that imbalance. The main objective of COST Action 345 was to define the procedures required for the assessment of the stock of in-service highway structures. Note that the term ‘procedures’ in the title covers (a) physical methods, such as visual examination and testing, (b) methods of analysis, both qualitative and quantitative, and (c) construction practices for maintenance and refurbishment. These cover more or less, respectively, inspection, assessment and remedial measures. The secondary objectives of the Action were to: • collect information on the stock of highway structures and current expenditure levels; • identify the types of structures, such as masonry arch bridges, that are not amenable to simple inspection, analysis or repair; and • to define the requirements for future research work into the inspection and assessment of highway structures.
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