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The TYROSAFE Project is a Coordination and Support Action (CSA) in the Seventh EU Framework Programme and aims at coordinating and preparing for European harmonisation and optimisation of the assessment and management of essential tyre/road interaction parameters to increase safety and support the greening of European road transport.

Work Package 2 (of four technical work packages) focussed on the harmonisation of skid resistance measurement techniques. Its ultimate objective was to arrive at a widelysupported roadmap to point to a harmonised EU road skid-resistance assessment method by 2020. The main (but not exclusive) fields of application would be for monitoring the skid resistance condition of European main road networks and acceptance control of new work.

This report provides a thorough analysis of different harmonisation options, including advantages, drawbacks, obstacles to implementation and costs. It sets out the various steps on the alternative routes to harmonisation, proposes an implementation plan and identifies research that will be needed to reach the goal.

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