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  Rijkswaterstaat (Centre for Transport and Navigation) and the Danish Road Institute (DRI), jointly with the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI), have made a worldwide inventory of existing road surfaces for highways as well as road surfaces in development that can achieve a 10 dB noise reduction. Promising products are elastic road surfaces and a thin open graded asphalt layer. Also, suggestions in the report are made for the improvement of the noise reducing effect of the road surface, such as: the increasing of the porosity of porous asphalt with or without a 'polishing', a road surface with an elastic skeleton and an optimisation of the material used in rubber plates on railway crossings. Summarised: no (commercial) products are known at present that can achieve a noise reduction of 10 dB compared to the Dutch reference.
content link: http://www.rijksoverheid.nl/documenten-en-publicaties/rapporten/2009/12/01/dvs-dri-super-quiet-traffic-international-search-for-pavement-providing-10-db-noise-reduction.html
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