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This second Annual report of the IRTAD Group comprises:

• A synthesis of the main trends in the year 2009, in terms of the development in the number of traffic deaths and crashes and preliminary trends for the year 2010. It also presents longer term trends in order to better understand the development taking place in the different countries.

• A report activity of the IRTAD Group for the year 2010 summarising the activities of the Group.

• Detailed reports from 32 countries, focusing on :

- Latest data for the year 2009 and in some cases preliminary data for 2010.

- Analysis of safety trends by road user category, by age group and by road type.

- Analysis of specific safety issues such as: speeding, drink driving, and the wearing of seat belts and helmets.

- The national strategies in place in IRTAD countries, including targets and performance towards meeting the targets.

- Measures implemented in 2008‐2010 to improve safety.

- Recent safety research.

content link: http://www.internationaltransportforum.org/irtad/pdf/10IrtadReport.pdf
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