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The objective of the Rimarocc project is to develop a common ERA-NET ROAD method for risk analysis and risk management with regard to climate change. The purpose is to support decision making concerning adaptation measures in the road sector. To facilitate the work of end users the method will be based upon, or at least be compatible with, general existing methods for risk analysis (and management) within the ERA-NET ROAD funders and other relevant methods. The project is focusing on Risk Analysis – with risk assessment, risk management in cost-benefit analysis and level of acceptable risk, and on Risk management Options. This integrated approach will greatly facilitate the consistency of methodological deliverables and the work of end users among road authorities. Specific attention will be given to both new road design and improvement/maintenance/operation of existing roads.

The first step of the project is a listening process to identify priority needs of the users, based on a simplified version of Value Engineering. This is done through a dialogue where the functions and specific objectives of a risk management method are listed and weighted. These demands are the basis for the development of the Rimarocc method.

The results from the project will be presented as reports (e.g. state of the art on existing methods for risk analysis and risk management within Road Administrations) and as a proposed method with examples where the method has been adopted to structural -, section -, network - and area level.

The results will be presented at conferences in Europe e.g. the TRA 2010 in Brussels and Transportforum 2011 in Linkoping.

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