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  The major objective of this part of the SILENCE project was to develop and test concepts for low-noise pavements for urban roads and streets. This report presents the results of this work, with the exception of work reported already in Deliverables F.D1 and F.D2. As part of Work Package WP F1 of the SILENCE project, new pavement concepts have been developed and some others have been refined. The work has included the following topics which are dealt with in this report: • Noise from different kinds of concrete or stone block pavements has been tested - including an optimized type. This especially considered the development of improved surfacing systems for cultural areas in European cities and towns. This work has primarily been reported in SILENCE Deliverable F.D1 • Noise generated at discontinuities like rail crossings has been investigated and design rules have been proposed. This work has primarily been reported in SILENCE Deliverable F.D2 • Testing a new type of thin layer surface in the city of Malmö in Sweden. • Noise characteristics of different types of surface dressings, with a focus on developing surface dressings giving reduced tyre/road noise emissions • Block pavement with a soft cover (so-called poroelastic cover, or "Softbloc") All the above topics have been supported by experimental work in the project.
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