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  Noise abatement is an increasing challenge for European road administrations. Cost effective solutions are needed in order to fulfil the requirements for good living conditions for people living as neighbours to the road infrastructure. One promising approach can be to integrate noise abatement considerations and solutions in the ongoing process of maintaining the road infrastructure. Pavement management systems are often used as an effective tool in the planning of maintenance of the road networks. Therefore, it is an obvious challenge to integrate noise considerations in pavement management systems in an operational and effective way. On this background, the EU project SILENCE which started in February 2005 also includes a Task F3, focusing on this subject. The title of this task is: “Improved systems for maintenance of quieter surfaces”. In this report noise-related parameters of existing pavement monitoring systems are presented and evaluated and the possibilities of integrating acoustic parameters in pavement management systems are discussed. The main substance of this report is the work carried out in task F3.2 on acoustic pavement monitoring supplemented with important contributions from task F3.1 on state of the art of pavement monitoring. The report is Deliverable F.D8 in the SILENCE project.
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