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  The NR2C objectives were firstly to provide a long term vision of the road infrastructure and secondly to develop specific innovations in three fields: urban infrastructure, interurban infrastructure and bridges. NR2C has developed long-term perspectives, concrete pilot projects and research recommendations, linking long-term visions and ideas to short-term actions. A vision reflecting society’s perception of road infrastructure in the year 2040 forms the basis of NR2C’s aim to identify and specify research required in the field of road engineering, to guarantee comfortable and reliable ground transport in a sustainable and environmental-friendly way for the coming decades. Part B of the report presents some specific NR2C innovations in accordance to their contribution to one of the four NR2C concepts: 1. Towards more human infrastructure: new design-models for arrangement and development of multi-modal streets 2. Towards greener infrastructure: Eco-Road System - an integrated road concept, combining new technologies for the reduction of traffic nuisance (noise, air and water pollution), with special focus of TiO2 as air purifier; Roads underlayers with a high percentage of re-use to preserve rare resources; Crack free-semi-rigid pavement using industrial by-products; etc 3. Towards more reliable infrastructure: as regard roads, new maintenance road processes allowing to perform maintenance works under bad weather conditions; innovative small and medium span bridges, light, durable, easy to prefabricate and assemble on site. 4. Towards safer and smarter infrastructure: the use of infra-red technology to improve drivers’ vision under bad weather conditions; in complex urban environments, improvement of road safety through urban design.
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