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  Because there has been no substantial effort to develop common standards for the maintenance of highway structures, COST Action 345 was undertaken to describe current European practice on the inspection, assessment, maintenance and repair of the stock of in-service highway structures. Information on the stock of highway structures and current expenditure levels was obtained and requirements for future work were defined. A reliable, integrated system of inspection, assessment and maintenance is required to ensure the safety of the public at large, and the efficient allocation and expenditure of resources to the upkeep of the stock to avoid unnecessary replacement or strengthening of existing structures with all the attendant costs and traffic delays. The Action was supported by the European Commission and involved experts from 16 European States. The Action covered all types of highway structure and so encompassed bridges, culverts, tunnels, and earth retaining structures, but low-value structures, such as street furniture, and very long span bridges were excluded. This Final Report summarises the work of six working groups that produced four detailed reports that are available on www.zag.si/cost345.
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