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  The report will be especially dedicated to the exposition of the models of streets, avenues, boulevards and bus lanes that have been formalized during the research. Some of these models have been applied to the design of one of Wattrelos’ city entrances according to a design method that is synthetically described at the end of this report. The 4 main part of the report are: -A- The street within the problematic of the modern city: develops some of the most difficult issues that street designers have to face in their daily practice. -B- Street arrangements, forms and uses in a systemic Perspective: locates the “design models” tool into the global system of street production. -C- Some design operators to imagine and conceive new models of street: proposes a set of tools to build new models of street both during the design process and the research process. -D- Street forms design, composition and specification: gives the first applications of the tools that have been developed in the previous parts (it describes the typical design process in terms of all these new concepts; its constructs a table of street forms classification and finally draw a cartography of street design kinds and design models that may constitute).
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