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  The ERA-NET ROAD project aims to list all what can go wrong when one uses a Low-noise pavement (LNP), to quantify in a neutral way and as precise as possible the probability and the impact of the risks and to make recommendations on how to deal with the risks. The analysis is based on the types of LNP used in the five ERA-NET ROAD countries participating in the project. This will allow decision makers in these and other countries to decide on a rational basis whether or not to use LNP in traffic noise abatement. The approach consists of identifying critical factors in processes, activities and regulations that may affect the acoustic performance of LNP, including identification of possible improvements to manage and control these critical factors. In the frame of the project, the procedures for the realization and use of LNP in the five ERANET ROAD participating countries are investigated: the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden,Switzerland and United Kingdom.
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