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This report summarises the activities engaged in as part of Tasks M3 (Road Data) and M8 (Performance Indicators) during CEDR’s first Strategic Plan (2005-2009) and as such represents the final report on Tasks M3 and M8.

The purpose of Tasks M3 and M8 was to address the increasing requests made to CEDR member states to provide information, to the European Commission (EC) and others, about the performance of their road networks and to address inconsistencies in the data and referencing information that underpins this information.

An improved performance reporting framework was developed. This framework is based on a common location referencing model for the TERN network and a consistent set of performance indicators based on common data definitions and commonly available base data.

A pilot study was undertaken, which concluded that the proposed performance reporting framework could be implemented within member states relatively easily, that it would provide the stability and consistency required, and that it could be used to provide meaningful performance indicators that could be used for benchmarking.

A cost-benefit analysis compared the cost to member states of providing information using the proposed performance reporting framework with the current estimated cost and concluded that, after an initial period of investment during which the location referencing model would be set up, the proposed new framework would make the process of data extraction and reporting more efficient.

Finally, a workshop organised by PG Planning and CEDR EB members considered the most appropriate way to implement the performance reporting framework and concluded that work should proceed on the implementation of a regular internal CEDR report on network performance based on the performance reporting framework, and that the use of the framework to assist member states in the provision of road network information to the European Commission and other organisations should be promoted and supported.

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