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Good incident management is an important goal for all concerned with the management and safe operation of road networks. Across Europe, incidents account for an estimated 10% to 25%1 of all congestion and are the largest single cause of journey unreliability2. Incident-related traffic congestion affects public safety through secondary incidents, the economy, and the environment. In the past, incident management has not been considered part of the remit of road administrations but a task for the police and other emergency services. Road safety programmes have focused on reducing the number and severity of incidents but little attention has been paid to minimising the impact of incidents once they have taken place.

With the development of the network operator role, national road administrations (NRAs) have the remit to consider other means of delivering their objectives and many are looking at minimising the impact of incidents through better incident management.

This paper establishes the areas that NRAs have considered and identifies opportunities for joint working and cooperation.

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