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  The TYROSAFE Project is a Coordination and Support Action (CSA) under the Seventh EU Framework Programme. The project is examining the possibilities for developing harmonised approaches in Europe to the optimisation and management of the key safety and environmental properties of road surfaces in their interaction with tyres. The assessment of these properties – skid resistance, rolling resistance and noise – are a different stages of development generally and there is widely varying awareness of the issues and practice across Europe. There are four technical Work Packages (WP): • WP1 is assessing the current status of policies and approaches to management of the three key topics in the EC. • WP2 is reviewing the technical issues and proposing strategies for the harmonisation of skid resistance test methods across Europe. • WP3 is looking in some detail at the road surface properties that influence the three properties and their interdependencies • WP4 will review the environmental effects of optimising the properties of surfaces and the potential impact of climatic change on a harmonised approach
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