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     D1.1 State of the Art and User Needs
     D1.2 Scenarios, Structure & Short Term Trends
     D1.3 INTRO Implementation strategies
     D2.1 Model for estimating expectable stopping distance
     D2.3 HMI friction warning, simulator study
     D3.1 Demonstration of Methods for the Measurement of Condition using Probe Vehicles
     D3.2 Assessment of methods to identify pavement condition using current and novel in situ sensors
     D3.3 Use of Combined Probe Vehicle and In Situ Measurements. Proposals for Best Practice Implementation
     D4.1 Performance indicators needs and derivation: Singel and multi source solutions
     D4.2 Integration of weather effects for traffic indicators forecasting
     D4.3 Safety indicators for monitoring traffic safety
     D5.2 Report on launch workshop
     D5.3 " A vision of intelligent roads"
     D5.4 Final Summary Report

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