Delft University of Technology (TUDelft) seeking Tenure Track

TU Delft looking for Tenure Track in Technical Asset Management - Pavement

Click on or the attachment below to get more information about a Tenure Track in Technical Asset Management - Pavement at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. This position is co-financed by FEHRL member Rijkswaterstaat. 

A Tenure Track offers the opportunity to develop into an internationally acknowledged and recognised academic. The field of Technical Asset Management for pavements deals with the challenges of determining the lifespan of pavements. Since over time new materials will be used, this involves both the assessment and monitoring of existing pavement structures and the validation of innovative materials and techniques. This requires insight into and affinity for a wide range of topics, including monitoring methods, methods to combine various data types and sources, various scale validation procedures and approaches that combine numerical and experimental techniques as well as laboratory and field performance with a view to current and future policies and regulations. Translation of the acquired knowledge into practical advice on projects of Rijkswaterstaat is an important part of the work.

· 2016-06-21 TU Delft CiTG Tenure Track Asset Management.pdf
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