Safety and Security

Road safety is a priority topic for most ­stakeholders in the road sector, not least Road Authorities and the European Commission. The specific priorities of CEDR are to take advantage of intelligent vehicles and ­infrastructure technologies to improve road safety and improve road design concepts in relation to road safety. The first of these illustrates a clear link with ERTRAC’s priorities on the issue which further stress the Cooperative Vehicle-Infrastructure System (CVIS).

The link between road safety and road infrastructure condition is clear: the surface skidding ­characteristics, the provision of good drainage, the maintenance of good longitudinal and transverse profiles, and the use of clear signs and markings are all examples of the direct impact of infrastructure on road safety. Road ­infrastructure should be self-explaining to the road users to avoid mistakes and accidents. Road ­infrastructure should be forgiving in case of accidents in order to reduce the consequences for the users to a minimum.

One major priority for FEHRL has been the harmonisation of infrastructure related safety monitoring ­systems between Member States. This issue has proved to be problematic, exacerbated by the rapid pace of ­development in some countries where ­improving the ­situation in those countries has created further hurdles for harmonisation. A major effort on harmonisation is needed that considers the current state of the art as well as forthcoming developments of vehicle and ­surface technology.

  • Xavier Cocu (BRRC)
  • Francesca La Torre (UNIFI)