INFRAVATION is a trans-nationally funded research programme.

It has been initiated in a way that will enable national and regional bodies to support the research and demonstration of innovative products, systems and services for transport infrastructure. With the knowledge that the funded projects will be addressing pan-national requirements, the contractors involved will be encouraged by the opportunity to present their results without limitations presented by national boundaries.

The national agencies supporting Infravation have determined that their support to the projects is not limited to financial compensation but includes partnering with the contractors in dissemination, knowledge transfer and ultimately to implementation.

The longer term objective of Infravation is to develop towards common programmes on all aspects of transport infrastructure innovation. The first call will be issued in 2014 with a focus on road infrastructure. This call will address the needs of member states for joint research on ‘Advanced Systems, Materials and Techniques’ for road infrastructure.

To help proposers prepare for the planned 2014 research call, the programme is organising a series of events to advise interested parties of the possibilities for participation and help develop successful partnerships with other partners. Innovative small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are particularly encouraged to participate.


On 4-6th June 2013, the programme will be organising its first INFRAVATION Expo.

This Expo will be a great opportunity for innovative enterprises to showcase their latest research and innovation results. We are launching a call for exhibitors, which will be open until 15 March. All research fields are welcome addressing the theme “Advanced and Innovative Construction and Maintenance”.

The objective of this Expo is threefold:
To raise awareness of Infravation and infrastructure innovation in general;
To promote brokerage activities between innovative enterprises and potential Infravation project partners;
To contribute to the development of the final call for Infravation proposals.


Eco-design; resource and energy efficiency in road construction and maintenance
Virgin material reduction by substitution or recycling
Enhanced durability and life-time extension
Rapid and non-destructive methods for routine quality and performance checks of materials and construction
Keeping freight routes open through zero-intrusive maintenance
Ensuring infrastructure performance under all weather conditions
Advanced predictive infrastructure performance processes


Proposals will be judged on their novelty, innovation, market potential and/or maturity. They should ideally be relevant to the Expo themes and demonstrate concrete results (e.g. prototypes) that are visually attractive.

An exhibition space of up to 6 m² will be provided free of charge for SMEs who submit a successful proposal. Other organisations will also be eligible to submit proposals on payment of a fee for exhibition space and/or sponsorship. A poster session will also be available for less mature ideas.

Proposals from partner countries of Infravation are particularly encouraged :
Denmark, France, Germany, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, Norway and the United States of America


Proposals should include a declaration of willingness to participate and a brief description of the proposed topic for display (concept, scientific theme, layout, concrete items to see or touch, etc…)

To take part in the exhibition, please submit your application form with your proposal to:
isabelle.lucchini@fehrl.org before the deadline for submission of 12 April 2013.

The Agenda:

The Expo will be organised in parallel with the FEHRL Infrastructure Research Meeting (FIRM13) conference in the Diamant Centre in Brussels. FIRM13 has the theme “Advanced and Innovative Construction and Maintenance”.

Parallel sessions will feature updates on Infravation itself as well as related programmes and projects. FIRM13 will also include sessions with standardization agencies, innovation funding agencies and others, as well as a workshop on barriers to market uptake.

The event will gather more than 250 participants involved in the innovation and research domain, including policy makers, infrastructure managers, leading CEOs, standardisation agencies, SME’s, top researchers and innovators, industry representatives, European Commission delegates, media, etc.


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