Working Groups

FEHRL Working Groups are formed by the Research Coordinators to address at issues of limited scope and with a wide interest within FEHRL. FEHRL Working Groups typically comprise two to three year-projects of technical nature in the area of innovations in road construction and maintenance or other core-expertise fields of FEHRL Institutes. These projects are often carried out without external expertise or involvement of other organisations outside FEHRL.



Each Working Group consists of a small dedicated team of project managers with the resources to develop and effectively disseminate new and existing knowledge. The size of the core team of each Working Group will normally be limited to four to five people. Core group members will be responsible to interfacing with other institutes as appropriate.

Working Groups will provide a focal point for the development of new collaborations between FEHRL institutes and with others. They report to Research Coordinators about the activities of all FEHRL institutes in the field of interest. Because their role is focussed on developing new collaborative research activities, they will not be expected to carry our technical projects themselves.

Additionally, Working Groups can be a key link with industry and will have the aim of promoting joint research activities with industrial partners.

Working Groups Leaders will be expected to work with the Research Coordinators to develop common programmes of activity. They will also work with the FEHRL Secretariat to ensure regular and comprehensive dissemination. Working Groups are expected to balance the need to be flexible enough to develop new project opportunities with sufficient focus on achieving specified Working Groups objectives. They will be expected to scan and identify upcoming funding opportunities.