INQUEST workshops

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The main instrument for the dissemination in INQUEST will be a series of workshops in countries that were not involved in SILVIA, with priority given to new member states. The main focus for the dissemination are the contents of the “Guidance Manual on the implementation of low-noise road surfaces” developed by SILVIA (“Sustainable Road Surfaces for Traffic Noise Control”, a European-funded project completed in August 2005; together with the latest findings of on-going research activity carried out a European and national level.


The calendar of workshops for the INQUEST project is as follows.

CEDEX, Spain

2-3 October 2006

Hosted by CEDEX,  but not a formal INQUEST workshop

ZAG, Slovenia

21 November 2006


CESTRIN, Romania

24-25 May 2007


UC Dublin, Ireland

September 2007


EPFL & EMPA, Switzerland

14 November 2007


LNEC, Portugal

3-4 December 2007


NTUA, Greece

10-11 March 2008