SERRP & Vision

FEHRL has adopted a long term approach to implementing its SERRP. This is being achieved by conducting the component research projects in an integrated way. This has resulted in greater clustering of the research being conducted and of the consultation of stakeholders. This is further enhanced by the development of a longer term Vision of both the future of roads and the research needed to support their development and operation. This specific Vision entitled Road Transport in Europe 2025 has been prepared by a FEHRL Working Group under the leadership of TRL.

Coupled with the Vision, FEHRL's Strategic European Road Research Programme (SERRP) sets out a research programme to satisfy the shared requirements of the many stakeholders involved in helping to refine the process. SERRP has been carefully developed to provide the maximum co-ordination between appropriate projects so as to exploit synergies, identify gaps and maximise the dissemination. This is based around a core group of relevant European and national research programmes. The programme includes projects concerned with safety, environment and sustainability, infrastructure management, urban intra-urban, training and more.

 In 2011, FEHRL defined the fifth version of the SERRP programme which details the activities for 2011-2016. The two core elements of SERRP V are based on FEHRL's flagship Forever Open Road programme and the strengthening of FEHRL’s programming function. SERRP V can be downloaded here in English and in German

Forever Open Road has emerged as our flagship activity focused on an ambitious blend of national and international projects which are themselves focused on breakthrough technologies in transport infrastructure. To support Forever Open Road, SERRP V is also strengthening its programming activities to better pool funding and resources between public and private sectors and at European and international levels.