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Best Practice for Cost-Effective Road Safety     0 2408 07.09.2010
  Economic appraisal of road safety measures is considered a very important tool in the hands of decision-makers. Within task group O7, an ad hoc group set up by the road safety group of the Conference of European Directors of Roads (CEDR), an effort to understand, identify, and disseminate best practice to ensure cost-effectiveness in road safety investments has been initiated. This initiative is part of a broader strategic plan which defines the priorities that the organisation has set for the f ...[more]
Worldwide inventory on super silent roadsurfaces     0 2608 18.10.2010
  Rijkswaterstaat (Centre for Transport and Navigation) and the Danish Road Institute (DRI), jointly with the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI), have made a worldwide inventory of existing road surfaces for highways as well as road surfaces in development that can achieve a 10 dB noise reduction. Promising products are elastic road surfaces and a thin open graded asphalt layer. Also, suggestions in the report are made for the improvement of the noise reducing effect of t ...[more]
Arches Final Executive Report - Bulgarian     0 2412 18.10.2010
  This is the final executive summary report, containing the projects findings and results of the ARCHES project, in BULGARIAN. ...[more]
CZECH - Arches Final Executive Report     0 2395 18.10.2010
DIVINE Technical Report     0 2360 14.01.2011
  The Dynamic Interaction between Vehicles and Infrastructure Experiment (DIVINE) Project provides scientific evidence of the dynamic effects of heavy vehicles and their suspension systems on pavements and bridges in support of transport policy decisions that affect infrastructure and road freight transport costs. It follows a 1992 OECD Expert Group which recommended international research co-operation aimed at determining the true significance of vehicle dynamics for pavement life and costs and ...[more]
IRTAD ANNUAL REPORT 2010     0 2287 28.03.2011
  This second Annual report of the IRTAD Group comprises: • A synthesis of the main trends in the year 2009, in terms of the development in the number of traffic deaths and crashes and preliminary trends for the year 2010. It also presents longer term trends in order to better understand the development taking place in the different countries. • A report activity of the IRTAD Group for the year 2010 summarising the activities of the Group. • Detailed reports from 32 countr ...[more]
ARCHES - final summary report     0 2300 11.04.2011
  The overall goal of the project ARCHES (Assessment and Rehabilitation of Central European Highway Structures) was to reduce any gaps in the standard of highway infrastructure between Central and Eastern European Countries (CEEC), particularly New Member States (NMS), and the rest of the EU. This key problem was addressed by a combined approach: • developing more appropriate tools and procedures to avoid unnecessary interventions (repairs/replacements) in structures • prevent the ...[more]
SPENS Executive Report     0 2253 11.04.2011
  The aim of the specific targeted research project named Sustainable Pavements for European New Member States (SPENS) is to develop appropriate tools and procedures for the rapid rehabilitation of road pavements using materials that would: • behave satisfactorily in a typical climate, • have an acceptable environmental impact, • be easy to incorporate within existing technologies, • be cost-effective and easy to maintain. ...[more]
Road Owners Getting to Grips     0 2422 04.05.2011
  “ERA-NET ROAD - Coordination and Implementation of Road Research in Europe” is a Coordination Action funded by the 6th Framework Programme of the EC. Within the framework of this action, the call “Road Owners Getting to Grips with Climate Change” was launched as the first cross-border funded joint research programme. 11 national Road Administrations (Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom) partici ...[more]
IRWIN     0 2891 04.05.2011
  The main objective of IRWIN is to develop an improved winter road index capable of assessing the implications of climate change in various weather parameters and also related road maintenance actions. Climate change scenarios have so far been calculated based on ordinary meteorological data, which have large limitations with respect to resolution. The idea of IRWIN is to combine the best traditionally made climate scenarios with the much more accurate spatial data from field stations in the R ...[more]
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