Partners for Road Research

Through its members, FEHRL possesses a tremendous capacity for research. Despite this, it is recognised that partners are needed to fulfil our mission. We place great emphasis on creating and maintaining partnerships throughout the research cycle.
These include:
1. Partnerships with problem owners
  • Definition of research problems and priorities
  • The main problem owners are road authorities (national and local) and industry.
    • CEDR, the Conference of European Directors of Roads
    • Local authorities (eg. POLIS)
    • Industry (automotive and construction)
2. Partnerships for profile
In order to bridge the gap between the identification of the research need and the research to provide the solution, partnerships are needed to create the right climate for the research. For us the most important are ERTRAC, the European Road Transport Research Advisory Council, and ECTP, the European Construction Technology Platform.
3. Partnerships for research execution
To successfully carry out the research, strong partnerships are needed:
  • To coordinate internal capacity;
  • To access specific research expertise (especially to address multi-disciplinary issues);
  • To meet the strategic/political objectives of problem owners or funding agencies;
  • To reduce barriers to implementation;
  • To strengthen the breadth and depth of research capacity, partnerships are sought and developed with other research providers in Europe and elsewhere.  
    - National FEHRL Groups provide stronger links with academia for collaboration on projects
  • International cooperation is an increasingly important issue.
    - EC SIMBA project, SHRP2 etc
  • Industrial involvement is increasingly sought.
    - Such partnerships take place through bilateral arrangements and through structures such as ERTRAC
4. Partnerships for implementation
  • Structurally - and politically - infrastructure research (and especially implementation) is not the same as ‘industrial’ research in related sectors.
  • To be successful (and ensure implementation), we need to involve more countries in our research in order to avoid the ‘not invented here’ and the ‘it cannot work here’ syndrome.
  • Because of the language differences, we try to use the existing systems that most FEHRL members have for dissemination and training
    - eg  CERTAIN and INQUEST projects
Successful research depends upon successful partnerships. For more details on the Partners, please have a look at the Partners Database.
The road research challenges present dynamic environment where partnerships (both new and existing) need to be developed.
List of FEHRL partners under FP6 and FP7.