Career development

FEHRL aims to develop and apply knowledge to create and maintain an efficient and safe road and infrastructure network, as well as increase innovation for industries in the sector, improve the energy efficiency of road and infrastructure engineering and operations and protect the environment and improve the quality of life. These objectives cannot be achieved by test facilities and libraries, but by the knowledge and expertise of the people that manage them and work in them.

Attracting researchers and engineers to the sector, and training and developing the people we have and the people we work with are all important responsibilities for FEHRL. For this reason, FEHRL continues to invest in people and expertise through continuous training. On this page, we highlight some of the various ways that FEHRL supports its institute staff and their technical and management skills.


Going on a secondment with FEHRL in Brussels is an excellent way for FEHRL institute members to develop themselves personally and in their career, including improving their languages and communication skills.

If you would like to:

  • Develop new skills and experiences in Brussels and transfer the knowledge to your institute,
  • Gain a better understanding of current transport research priorities to complement the research agenda of your institute and promote its involvement in more international research projects,
  • Get more familiar with the EC requirements and point of view

then apply for a secondment experience at the FEHRL offices in Brussels today. Contact Isabelle Lucchini, Training Officer, for more details as frequent opportunities are offered.



FEHRL has run training courses in International Project Management at its offices in Brussels for staff from FEHRL institutes and partner organisations for many years now. The course aims to:

  • Assist people with project management from a road research perspective in the development of proposals and the building of teams within multi-national projects,
  • Prepare participants to effectively communicate and function during periods of change,
  • Increase the organisational and financial know-how,
  • Establish links with experienced project managers.

Details about the last course just held for 19 participants from 13-15th November 2012 can be found here. The next course is due to be held on 13-15th November 2013. Contact  Isabelle Lucchini, Training Officer, for more details.  

In addition, both FEHRL and its individual member institutes organise workshops/training in different countries.



In addition,  FEHRL encourages the recruitment of qualified staff into its member institutes and their partners. Wherever possible, we also support exchanges and transfers between them.

A career at one of the FEHRL institutes is an opportunity to shape the future of road transport. Dedicated staff work in rewarding environments to build a safer, greener and smarter road system for Europe’s citizens.  All scientific and technical disciplines contribute towards this goal.
With the general increase in the mobility of careers, our staff are also becoming more likely to move. Consequently, we actively encourage staff to consider staying with the family of FEHRL institutes. As a result, we are increasingly seeing the mutual benefits of staff joining their fellow researchers in other countries.
Below is a selection of the posts being offered.  Please check out the websites of our institutes for more.

Current recruitment opportunities: