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Development of a Recycled Polymer Modified Binder for Use in Stone Mastic Asphalt     0 4356 07.01.2010
  The number of commercial vehicles using Irish roads has increased considerably in recent years, leading to higher demands being placed on pavement materials and increased use of polymer modified bitumens. This has also coincided with significant changes in Governmental policy which has produced large increases in Irish recycling rates. Improved recycling levels are set to provide Ireland with a newchallenge: to find potential uses for the large quantities of recycled polymer that are becoming av ...[more]
Round Robin Test SPB measurements : final report     0 3284 15.03.2010
  Round Robin Test SPB measurements : final report / A. Bergiers Brussels : BRRC, 2010 For the revision of standard ISO 11819-1 “Statistical Pass-By method”, which is currently ongoing, ISO/TC43/SC1/WG33 would like to include a method to measure the acoustical quality of a road in a built-up urban environment. The adapted conceived method is called “Backing board method”. Different experiments were performed within the European SILENCE project to assess the accuracy of ...[more]
Maintenance of porous pavements     5 4010 11.06.2010
  Maintenance of porous pavements - with focus on the norwegian conditions, specially wintermaintenance. With the background that porous asphalt are noisereducing pavements. This report is only in Norwegian, so far. ...[more]
Background document for the new EC law on noise/energy/wet grip labelling of tyres     5 3110 04.12.2009
  This is a report with background information, discussion and proposals regarding the labelling of noise, energy and wet skid resistance properties of tyres. The report was produced by the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI), which is one of the members of FEHRL, sponsored by Transport & Environment and submitted to the EU Commission for consideration when the Commission developed a proposal for a law on labelling of tyres. ...[more]
Salt SMART, Environmental effects caused by road salts -a litterature review     0 3770 11.06.2010
  This review focus on environmental damages on surface water (flora and fauna), ground water, terrestrial plants and soil caused by using deicing chemicals in winter road maintenance . An evaluation of the most actual alternatives to sodium chloride is given. An overview of how to handle salt storm water from roads are also given. The report is in norwegian. ...[more]
Road salting -a synopsis     0 4031 11.06.2010
  This report show the use of salt on winter roads, in other words how chemical methods are used to remove snow and ice, as well as methods for friction control. The purpose of the report is to unite the knowledge available concerning the use of salt on winter roads. The report is made with different target groups in mind. This includes employees at the Norwegian Public Roads Administration such as administrators of maintenance contracts, executive officers, or executives responsible for public ...[more]
SaltSMART, Road salt reduction by using additives. Field experiments 2007/08     0 4527 11.06.2010
  In recent years, several tests have been conducted with additives to road salt (such as agricultural bi-products), with one of the purposes being reduction of the amount of salt used for winter maintenance. The Norwegian Public Roads Administration seeks to optimize salt usage in winter maintenance in order to minimize environmental impacts. In this respect there is a need for a better understanding of how road salt additives can reduce usage of road salt. Focus is directed to the extension of ...[more]
Real-time parking information management to reduce search time, vehicle displacement and emissions     0 2257 07.04.2010
  The time spent searching for free parking spaces can produce considerable environmental pollution. Information on parking availability can be a powerful instrument for reducing these search costs. This paper develops a demand assignment model to evaluate the benefits of manipulating information with the objective of reducing the time and distances involved in finding a parking-place; including the walking distances involved. Using the full search procedure it was found that improvements of some ...[more]
Biodiesel production via peanut oil extraction using diesel-based reverse-micellar microemulsions     0 2436 07.04.2010
  Vegetable oils have been studied as a feasible substitute for diesel fuel, and short term tests using neat vegetable oils have shown results comparable to those of diesel fuel. However, engine problems arise due to the high oil viscosity after long-term usage. Vegetable oil/diesel blending as biodiesel fuel has been shown to be one technique to reduce vegetable oil viscosity. The goal of this research is to demonstrate the feasibility of producing this biodiesel fuel via vegetable oil extraction ...[more]
Performance and exhaust emission characteristics of a spark ignition engine using ethanol and ethanol-reformed gas     0 2349 07.04.2010
  Since ethanol is a renewable source of energy and has lower carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions than gasoline, ethanol produced from biomass is expected to be used more frequently as an alternative fuel. It is recognized that for spark ignition (SI) engines, ethanol has the advantages of high octane and high combustion speed and the disadvantage of ignition difficulties at low temperatures. An additional disadvantage is that ethanol may cause extra wear and corrosion of electric fuel pumps. On-board ...[more]
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