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SAMARIS - Mid term report     0 4348 04.05.2011
  Project SAMARIS (Sustainable and Advanced MAterials for Road Infrastructures) is com-missioned under the GROWTH chapter of the European Union’s 5th Framework Programme (FP5). It is a merger of two proposals made for the last FP5 call in September 2000 and was started on the 1st of January 2004 with an allocated duration of three years. The two original proposals which have been retained in the present project were widely different in topic, but had the same end users, - the owners and oper ...[more]
SAMARIS - State of the art of report on assessment of structures in selected EEA and CE countries     0 4247 04.05.2011
  This report summarises different condition and the structural safety assessment methods for the highway structures developed worldwide, but with the main focus on European Countries. The condition assessment (CA) is the process where, starting from the results of the inspection, the final result is the determination of the functional capability and the physical condition of bridge components, including the extent of deterioration and other defects. The condition assessment can be either quali ...[more]
SAMARIS - Test methodologies for reaction to fire of pavement materials     0 4255 14.05.2009
  The issue of the reaction to fire of pavement materials was raised in the EU mandate 124 for Road Construction Products, sparking debate and resulting in conflicting attitudes within national regulations. This paper details the findings from the second phase of the reaction to fie task on pavement fires of the safety, which consisted of a number of tasks intended to address a range of issues related to the sustainability, development and application of advanced materials for road infrastructures ...[more]
SAMARIS - Full scale application of UHPFRC for the rehabilitation of Bridges - from the lab to the field     0 4184 04.05.2011
  The premature deterioration of reinforced concrete structures is a heavy burden for our society. In order to manage structures effectively and to reduce this burden to the minimum, the number and extent of interventions have to be kept to the lowest possible level. The extremely low permeability of Ultra-High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concretes (UHPFRC) associated with their outstanding mechanical properties make them especially suitable to locally "harden" reinforced concrete structures in ...[more]
SAMARIS - Test of effectiveness of corrosion inhibitors in the field trials     0 4133 04.05.2011
  A significant proportion of the European Union’s reinforced concrete highway structures have required rehabilitation within their intended service life at intervention levels that exceed what could be regarded as normal maintenance. The direct costs of repair and collateral costs due to temporary reduction in highway service level have been considerable. The problem is widespread in the developed world. Post-repair inspections have shown that up to 30% of repairs have failed and a further ...[more]
SAMARIS - Specification fo the use of corrosion inhibitors for the rehabilitation of concrete highway structures     0 4072 04.05.2011
  Reinforced concrete bridges are required to maintain their serviceability over long periods of time, typically 120 years. Although this service life expectation was stated or implied, it did not explicitly form part of the specification process during the period when much of the developed world’s current highway infrastructure was constructed. For a considerable period reinforced concrete was regarded as a maintenance-free material but corrosion of steel in concrete bridges, initiated by c ...[more]
SAMARIS - Modelling of UHPFRC in composite structures     0 4240 04.05.2011
  This report is the fifth of a series covering all aspects necessary to the implementation of UHPFRC (Ultra High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concretes) for the rehabilitation of reinforced concrete structures, within the framework of work package (WP) 14 "HPFRCC for rehabilitation" of project SAMARIS. ...[more]
SAMARIS - Guide on techniques for reclycling in pavvement structures     0 3819 04.05.2011
  This report, formally referred to as Deliverable D29 “Guide on Techniques for Recycling in Pavement Structures”, is one of the four resulting documents in Work Package 6. It has been developed by CEDEX with the collaboration of EUROVIA and TU Brno and the feedback received from some partners of the consortium. The starting point was the work carried out within Deliverable D5 “Literature Review of Recycling of By-products in Road Construction in Europe”. The report includ ...[more]
NR2C - Development of new concepts for the road of the future     5 4319 18.05.2009
  New Road Construction Concepts (NR2C) is an innovation project of the European Commission. The project has to provide future-oriented initiatives for problems of accessibility and issues related to the road infrastructure, in dialogue and cooperation with external partners such as special interest groups,experts and users. NR2C develops long-term perspectives and concrete trial projects and demonstrations, in which long-term visions and ideas are linked to short-term action. ‘Dialogue and ...[more]
Literature Review of Recycling Of By-Products in Road Construction in Europe (SAMARIS)     0 5096 04.05.2011
  The literature analysis focuses on the collection of information about the basic guidelines concerning the potential of waste materials recycling in the European road sector. The work includes a thorough review of three “starting documents” considered as master pieces of literature in the subject (Recycling Strategies for Road Works by OCDE, Recycled Materials in European Highway Environments: Uses, Technologies and Policies by the American FHWA, and ALT-MAT: Alternative materials in ...[more]
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