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Harmonization of European Routine and research Measuring Equipment for Skid Resistance     5 3970 04.05.2009
  The project had five specific objectives relating to theoretical, practical and longer-term aspects of harmonising skid resistance measurements in Europe, namely: 1. To improve the model on which EFI is based, which relates the friction coefficient to the measurement speed, slip ratio and road surface texture, by taking account of recent developments in this field. 2. To demonstrate the reliability and feasibility of the procedure proposed by CEN/TC227/WG5 for inter-laboratory calibrations ...[more]
A Guide to the Use of Long-Life Fully-Flexible Pavements - Phase 1 Report     0 4785 04.05.2009
  The original objectives of The European Long-Life Pavement Group (ELLPAG) can be stated chronologically as short-term, medium term and long-term objectives. • The short-term objective of the Group is to produce within 12 months of starting the formal project a State-of-the-art Review of current European knowledge on the design and maintenance of long-life fully-flexible pavements. • The medium-term objectives are to produce similar state-of-the-art reviews for the other common ...[more]
NR2C - New Road Construction Concepts     0 4571 23.07.2009
  What will the European road system look like in 2040?, how can innovation deliver solutions to the challenge of the future, which combines simultaneously growing transport needs and sustainability goals ?, such are the two crucial questions to which NR2C aims to answer. Consequently its objective were firstly to provide a long term vision of the road infrastructure and secondly to develop specific innovations in three fields : urban infrastructure, interurban infrastructure and bridges. The tw ...[more]
SILENCE: Possibilities to Replace Outdoor Coast-by Tyre/Road Noise Measurements with Laboratory Drum Measurements     5 4599 11.06.2009
  In subproject C of the SILENCE project there is a task to study possibilities to replace some coast-by measurements made outdoors with either CPX measurements (also made outdoors) or laboratory drum measurements. This report is a background document intended for the Milestone decision regarding this topic. ...[more]
The Intelligent Roads Project     5 4688 11.06.2009
  The Intelligent Roads (INTRO) project is aimed at demonstrating how safety, capacity, road operation and maintenance problems can be alleviated by the use of existing sensor technology in a harmonized way, to add “intelligence” to road networks. INTRO was divided in 4 work packages. Work Package 1 reviewed a selection of current technologies, Work Package 2 focused on the traffic safety aspects,Work Package 3 was concerned with the applications to support infrastructure managem ...[more]
SFT - Analysis of the of the submerged floating tunel concept     0 4489 23.06.2009
  The purpose of the Submerged Floating Tunnel (SFT) Analysis project is, first, to produce reliable documentation on SFT as a concept, with a special emphasis on safety, economy and environmental impact. Second, it is also to identify and describe procedures involved in planning, design, construction and operation of SFT. The third purpose is to identify and describe any future research related to SFT, including cost estimate and time schedule. ...[more]
  TREE network specifically concerns medium and large-scale research facilities in Europe. TREE includes 16 partners from 12 European countries (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Great Britain, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and Poland). It has also very strong links with the INTRANSNET network working on transport subject. In this project the work was divided into five Work Packages. WP1 concerns the elaboration of a catalogue of facilities. WP2 is dedicated to th ...[more]
BiTVal - Analysis of Available Data for Validation of Bitumen Tests     0 4547 06.05.2009
  The BiTVal project has been developed by it is now recognised that the binder properties alone do not determine pavement performance. Other parameters, such as aggregate characteristics, mixture design, manufacture and laying are also considered as important. The BiTVal project represents a significant effort requiring support and participation from industry and authorities in many countries. It is expected to, first deliver the appropriate answers for assessing the suitability of test metho ...[more]
Anticipating plug-in hybrid vehicle energy impacts in California: Constructing consumer-informed recharge profiles     0 3216 07.04.2010
  Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) can be powered by gasoline, grid electricity, or both. To explore potential PHEV energy impacts, a three-part survey instrument collected data from new vehicle buyers in California. We combine the available information to estimate the electricity and gasoline use under three recharging scenarios. Results suggest that the use of PHEV vehicles could halve gasoline use relative to conventional vehicles. Using three scenarios to represent plausible conditions ...[more]
Reduction of noise from vehicles crossing discontinuities on urban streets     0 4755 08.05.2009
  Different types and design of tram/light-rail/train crossings are used on urban roads in Europe. There are four main sources of noise where a tram, light-rail or railway crosses a road. The total noise exposure of people living next to rail crossings is the sum of the contributions from these four main noise sources. In this project the noise from the road traffic is in focus. When cars are crossing the rail the tyre-road noise may increase due to height discontinuities and joints between ...[more]
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