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Practicalities of enforcing noise controls at roadside or on vehicles     5 4433 13.05.2009
  Within sub-project H practical urban traffic management techniques shall be developed that city authorities can use to reduce traffic noise. The work package will take a holistic view of the policies and legislation used to manage traffic flow, and consider the interactions between traffic management and driver behaviour. It will also examine how systems for monitoring noise emissions from vehicles can play a role in traffic management. The objectives of Work Package H2 are the following. O ...[more]
Driver Assistance Systems for Quiet Vehicle Operation     0 4394 01.04.2010
  The aim of this report is to explain the work in WP H.3 of SILENCE. The scope of H3 was to implement selected noise reduction systems in a truck and to evaluate driver acceptance and potential noise reduction. This was done by a field study where drivers’ perception of noise reduction, design and acceptance was considered. From an earlier questionnaire study there were two systems/functions that reached the highest level of acceptance among the participants. The functions were two hardwar ...[more]
An integrated model system and policy evaluation tool for maximizing mobility under environmental capacity constraints: A case study in Dalian City, China     0 2719 07.04.2010
  This paper presents an integrated model system for mobility maximization based on a quantified specification of environmental capacity, and evaluates policy interaction and effectiveness by simulating a number of policy scenarios. The system is designed to specify the maximum level of car ownership and number of trips by private and public modes subject to an environmental capacity constraint defined as the frontier emission under maximum system efficiency. Four types of hypothetical policies (p ...[more]
Samaris-Inception report     0 3532 04.05.2011
  In this inception report are the original plans for project SAMARIS reviewed, reworked and specified so as to provide a complete and comprehensive activity guide for all 23 partners in the project consortium as well as for the European Commission, the national authorities who have provided the supplementary funding, and for the reference group of end users. The report was part of the work of Work Packages 2 and 12, based on contributions from all Work Package leaders and from the two research ...[more]
SAMARIS - Litterature review of recycling of by-products     0 4018 04.05.2011
  This report, formally referred to as Deliverable D5 “Literature Review of Recycling of By-products in Road Construction in Europe” of the SAMARIS project (Sustainable and Advanced MAterials for Road InfraStructure), is one of the four resulting documents in Work Package 6 “Techniques for Recycling” of the mentioned project, partially funded by the European Commission under the Fifth Framework Programme. Particularly, it represents the first of the three formal reports ...[more]
SAMARIS - State of arts for test methods to detect hazardous components in road materials for recycling     0 3554 04.05.2011
  The highway stream of the project is structured with five different work packages. A key objective of Work Package 4, Safety and Environment, is to encourage the use of recycled and secondary materials in pavement by detailing how much such materials shall be selected and tested in order to secure satisfactory performance, environmentally as well as functionally. Task 2 of this work package covers the detection of hazardous components in materials to be recycled. This is the formal output fro ...[more]
SAMARIS - Critical analysis of documents from Europe and United States with special reference to assesment of alternative materials     0 4052 04.05.2011
  Deliverable D9 is a literature review with special reference to assessment of alternative mate-rials. The aim of D9 is to allow a better knowledge of the state of the art of alternative mate-rial assessment in the perspective of recycling thanks to an analysis of international research. This analysis lays on the knowledge gained and on the development of assessment procedures during the last decade, as well as on recent standardisation progress. These information will serve to design the methodo ...[more]
SAMARIS - Selection and evaluation of models for prediction of permanent deformations of unbound granular materials in road pavements     0 4240 04.05.2011
  This report has been prepared as part of Task 5.2 of the SAMARIS project, which deals with the prediction of rutting of unbound granular pavement layers. It presents a literature review of models for the prediction of permanent deformations of unbound granular materials, in order to select appropriate models for the SAMARIS project. The report describes first some general aspects of the behaviour of unbound granular materials, and makes a review of available models to describe permanent-defor ...[more]
SAMARIS - Models for permanent deformation for bituminous bound materials in flexible pavements     0 4187 04.05.2011
  This report deals with models for the prediction of permanent deformation behaviour of bituminous materials. In regard to the aim of the pavement stream of the SAMARIS project - to encourage the use of recycled and secondary materials in pavements by detailing how such materials shall be selected and tested in order to secure satisfactory performance, environmentally as well as functionally – it has to be pointed out that the models described in the present report are applicable for conven ...[more]
SAMARIS - Report recommandations for mixing plants for recycling works (characterization, elabortion plants, uses in road contruction of by products)     0 4063 04.05.2011
  The objective of Work Package 6 is to provide up-dated information and recommendations about techniques dealing with the recycling of by-products for pavement construction. More specifically the mission of task 6.1 is to elaborate a technical guide on recycling techniques. This document provides recommendations about mixing plants for recycling works including characterisation, elaboration plants and uses in road construction of by products. It has been fully developed by Eurovia based on the ...[more]
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