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Guidance for the use of UHPFRC for rehabilitation of concrete highway structures     0 4430 04.05.2011
  This report gives practical and conceptual recommendations for the application of UHPFRC for the rehabilitation of reinforced concrete structures. It is not intended as a prenormative document but rather as a practical tool to help engineers and owners be able to answer following questions: - Are UHPFRC adapted for my case ? - What can I expect from UHPFRC ? - How do UHPFRC compare with other materials ? - How to classify my structure in terms of degree of restraint ? - Which level of UHP ...[more]
Low-noise road surfaces in urban areas     5 3915 16.06.2009
  Over a three-year period, the tyre/road noise and the pavement texture were periodically measured on a series of 21 full-scale sites situated in urban areas with a speed limit of 50 km/h. The study involved a wide range of noise-reducing asphalt mixtures, including semi-dense macro rough asphalt AC MR and porous asphalt PA. It has been shown that the acoustic performance decreases asymptotically as a function of traffic volume. For PA the decrease can be delayed provided the pores do not be ...[more]
Specifications and preliminary concepts for the design of multimodal streets     0 4371 22.06.2009
  The report will be especially dedicated to the exposition of the models of streets, avenues, boulevards and bus lanes that have been formalized during the research. Some of these models have been applied to the design of one of Wattrelos’ city entrances according to a design method that is synthetically described at the end of this report. The 4 main part of the report are: -A- The street within the problematic of the modern city: develops some of the most difficult issues that street d ...[more]
Accident simulation and analysis using Vehicle Infrastructure Interaction Simulation     5 3740 31.08.2009
  The Vehicle Infrastructure Interaction Simulation (VIIS) is a framework to accurately model the infrastructure vehicle interaction based on real road measurement data. Some of these parameters have an obvious impact on transport safety (e.g. skid resistance). However the combination with other parameters (curvature, cross-fall, evenness) may have a higher risk which is not as easy perceivable. VIIS – road transport safety may be used to analyse safety relevant infrastructure parameter comb ...[more]
RODRIGUE - Steering Committee Action Conclusions final report     0 3698 13.08.2009
  RODRIGUE was a FEHRL cooperative action, which aimed to prepare the content for future proposals on Intelligent Highway (Vehicle-Infrastructure Dialogue for Road Safety) to be submitted to the FP7 second call. The action was supported by the DRI1. The partners involved in the RODRIGUE Steering Committee were mainly FEHRL’ members: LCPC, ARSENAL, BRRC, IBDIM, UCD, VTI, and two others: UNIFI, ERDYN. ...[more]
RODRIGUE - Bilan des actions du Comite de Coordination     0 3731 05.10.2009
  RODRIGUE est une action coopérative qui vise à préparer les éléments pour répondre aux appels de la commission européenne dans le champ de la sécurité routière, et plus spécifiquement celui ou ceux intégrant les informations liées à la route et à son état. Les acteurs clés au niveau européen, en s’appuyant sur le FEHRL1, ont été réunis dans un consortium composé du LCPC, ARSENAL, BRRC, IBDIM, UCD, UNIFI, VTI, ERDYN. Les différentes étapes réalisées ont été ...[more]
Tires and passenger vehicle fuel economy     5 3628 11.06.2010
  The report investigates the possibility of reducing rolling resistance by using better tires. This is directly connected to less noisy transportation and less pollution being emitted by passenger vehicles. ...[more]
Adapting to Climate Change: The Public Policy Response-Public Infrastructure     5 4271 18.08.2009
  This paper assesses the threats and needs that multidimensional climate change imposes for public infrastructure, reviews the existing adaptive capacity that could be applied to respond to these threats and needs, and presents options for enhancing adaptive capacity through public sector investments in physical, planning, and human resources. The paper considers four types of infrastructure: transportation; energy generation and transmission; water, sewer, and telecommunications; and coastal de ...[more]
Road surface effects on rolling resistance     5 3516 19.08.2009
  The report investigates the road surface effects on rolling resistance, and is based on coast-dowm measurements on swedish highways. The studie has been performed by VTI within the frame of the ECRPD project. ...[more]
Friction measurement methods and the correlation between road friction and safety.     5 3976 19.08.2009
  The report is an interesting overview of the currect friction measurement techniques and correlations are shown between accident statistics and friction of the pavement. ...[more]
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