FEHRL International RSA & RSI Training Course




With the experience gained during the European Commission PILOT4SAFETY project, the Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories (FEHRL) is organising training courses dedicated to audits and safety inspections.The first one will take place from 7 to 11 October 2013, in Brussels. This training, structured in three modules: Basics in Road Safety Engineering, Road Safety Auditing and Road Safety Inspection, will focus on the secondary road networks. The training is intended for designers, managers, etc. wishing to expand their knowledge on safety of secondary roads and wishing to learn more about road safety audits inspections. The course will be in English and the trainers are experts from FEHRL, AIT (Austria), BASt (Germany), BRRC (Belgium), CDV (Czech Republic) and C&S (Belgium). The program includes also interactive sessions, offering participants from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to exchange their ideas.


Why an international training ?

The EC issued the Communication COM (2010) 389 final “Towards a European road Safety area: policy orientation on road safety 2011-2020”, where it is clearly stated in the Objective n°3 that “The Commission will promote the application of the relevant principles on infrastructure safety management to secondary roads of Member States, in particular through the exchange of best practices”.

A certified International training will comply with the above-mentioned objective by:

-  Allowing the cross-national sharing of best practices
-  Optimizing the outputs, due to the (independent) point of view of experts coming from different EU areas
-  Being a starting point to implement common road safety standards for the European road network
-  Underlining that the safety issues should not stop/change at borders

A common International training will be the first step to getting a common high level of road safety on all roads across the EU member states. By having safety personnel with a harmonized technical background, similar road safety solutions will be adopted for similar road safety problems. 


Registration for autumn session (7-11 October 2013) in Brussels is now opened